No Child For Sale

13.07.04 NCFS image 2May – June, 2014

Safe and secure – millions of children aren’t. Sold into domestic service or marriage. Tricked into sexual service. Forced to beg on the street. Pushed to work in dangerous mines or factories.

Even though slavery was outlawed over 200 years ago, child trafficking and slavery continues today.

No Child For Sale – Church Edition

The church stood up to slavery in the past. We can do it again.

Start with something we all know, and many of us love – chocolate. Learn more about “Good Chocolate” and use your voice and consumer power to encourage Canadian chocolate sellers to make sure no children are harmed in their chocolate.

Then go further. At the end of February you will find in this space a suite of resources to help your church support children, including a new daily devotional and simple actions your church can take one Sunday in May or June. Watch this space for details or email for information.