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Fill a Stable for Christmas

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Paris Presbyterian Church in Paris, Ontario

Paris Presbyterian Church set to host annual Gift Catalogue Luncheon. 

Every November, congregants from Paris Presbyterian Church in Paris, Ontario host a “Fill a Stable” event with their annual Gift Catalogue Luncheon. While the air may be crisp and cool outside; inside warm friendly faces gather to share a meal of soup, sandwiches and gift giving.

What’s extra special about their Gift Catalogue Luncheon; however, is that the gifts they give are not to each other.  Instead, they are given to people in need around the world.

The event has become a favourite at the local church with over 100 people attending each year. This year’s event will take place on November 20th.  Preparations begin several weeks in advance when Brian Mullins, World Vision Canada Church advisor and friend of the church, drops off World Vision Gift Catalogues.

Families and individuals from Paris Presbyterian Church are then invited to take a catalogue home to peruse and to prayerfully consider what gifts they will purchase this year.  But, then instead of purchasing the gift at home, members from Paris Presbyterian Church hold off. They wait for the “Fill a Stable” event or what they affectionately call their Gift Catalogue Luncheon.

The World Vision Gift Catalogue allows you to give meaningful gifts at Christmas.  These unique gifts truly make an impact expressing love to children, families and communities around the world.  There are many gifts to choose from including agricultural packs, goats, school supplies and life saving medicine. 

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There’s something special about doing things together as a community. The Gift Catalogue Luncheon is no different.

This year will be extra special for World Vision Canada Church Ambassador, Brian Mullins as he has been asked to speak on Sunday morning before the luncheon.

For several years Paris Presbyterian have held a World Vision Catalogue Luncheon, raising tens of thousands of dollars to benefit families living in poverty around the world.  As their church advisor, it’s my honour to help maintain their long connection with World Vision and to be their partner in ministry. – Brian Mullins, Western Ontario Church Advisor

Brian attended last year for the first time as a guest and presented the church with a plaque.  The plaque acknowledged the $75,000 Paris Presbyterian Church has raised in just 11 years at their Gift Catalogue luncheons. What a wonderful tradition they’ve started!

In hearing this story, I couldn’t help but reflect about the care and thought that goes into this special event and gift purchases.

Over the next few weeks, Canadians will be filling shopping malls and purchasing Christmas gifts.  Myself included. Living in a society that is becoming more individualistic and less connected, it’s encouraging to see people intentionally setting time aside together over the simple act of gift giving.  Especially, when the gifts being purchased are life-altering and being delivered to children and families who need them most.

Will you consider hosting a “Fill a Stable” event or Gift Catalogue Luncheon at your church this holiday season?

Contact your local Church Advisor today. They’d love to help you get started.

View Gift Catalogue

If you share your love by giving, the World Vision Gift Catalogue is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas.

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Joanne Doyley, is the Communications and Social Media Specialist for National Church Engagement at World Vision Canada. She has a heart for social justice, loves to travel and dreams for the day when every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

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