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Hidden Heroes

February 8, 2016 | no comments | Don Moore's Updates


Hidden Heroes are all around us! Can you spot one?

A hidden hero is someone who has a low profile but is making a high impact for the sake of the Kingdom. Let me share the story of a hidden hero that was recently honoured by the President of World Vision and our Board of Directors at the AGM.

Keith Chard AGM

Keith Chard comes from Clarenville, Newfoundland a community of 6000 people where he leads a small congregation of less than 100 at New Life Church. Despite coming from a small community, he didn’t let it stop him from accomplishing big things!

Keith led his Church, as an associate pastor, into a global partnership with a community living in poverty in Honduras through the work of World Vision Canada. During the launch of this partnership in the fall of 2014, 24 children were sponsored. Then, by the end of that first month, 50! Now, a year later there are a total of 84 children sponsored. Incredible!

In 2015, Pastor Keith, along with 8 others from the congregation, took the opportunity to see first-hand the difference they were making through their sponsorships in their partner community in Honduras. Also getting to visit their sponsor children further fuelled their excitement and commitment to their partnership with that community.

Through events and fundraisers, New Life Hope continues to raise money for their community in Honduras. This past September they had a garage sale raising $2500!

I was curious and wanted to know how their commitment to help these children and their families in Honduras was affecting their Clarenville community, so I asked him! He replied, “We presented the cause and the community ran with it”. He went on to encourage other pastors to, “Be open to do whatever God calls you to do. Just allow your congregation to be whatever they can be.”

Pastor Keith is an inspiration and a great example of a hidden hero in my books! I whole-heartedly want to congratulate Keith and his team from Clarenville Newfoundland for being incredible leaders and champions for children! You offer hope to not only the community in Honduras, but to leaders in Canada. You’ve proven that you don’t need large numbers to accomplish great things. You just need a big heart.

What cause will you take up today? How will you lead the people around you in your church? In your community?

Do you know of a hidden hero in your church or community? I’d love to hear their story! Share it in the comment section below.

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Rev. Dr. Don Moore, is our National Church Ambassador. Don is available to inspire vision and explore partnership opportunities with denominational and senior church leaders, to assist churches in accomplishing their missional goals, both in Canada and around the world.

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