Joint Vision

Willow Creek Canada and World Vision Canada are pleased to partner together to leverage our respective strengths around training Christian leaders and delivering holistic solutions that serve the world’s most vulnerable people. Together, we will call and inspire the global Church and its leaders to thoughtfully engage these complex issues and respond as God leads.

Global Refugee Initiative

Of the many crises impacting our world today, perhaps greatest is the displacement of more than 60 million people due to conflict and perilous weather—from Syrian refugee families fleeing daily bombings, to East African refugee families seeking food and water to survive to the next day.

In the 2017 Global Leadership Summit, we will focus on helping Christian leaders engage their churches in discovering new ways to be God’s love and grace to refugee children and families. You’ll find the tools you need in the Refugee Sunday Church Resource below. If you would like to give a one-time donation to help emergency response efforts where most needed, you can do so here.


Michael Messenger in South Sudan on World Refugee Day

The refugee crisis is more than a political issue. It’s an issue that serious-minded Christ-followers cannot ignore. Christians, especially the leaders amongst us, must engage and figure out solutions to serve those in great need with the love we receive from Christ.

Bill Hybels, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Willow Creek Association

Hold a Refugee Sunday: Your Church in Action

Refugee Sunday Resources

Put your Global Leadership Summit learnings to work! Lead your church in being instruments of God’s Love to vulnerable refugees around the world. You’ll find videos, sermon/discussion points, prayer suggestions and more. Any money you raise will provide desperately needed food, clean water, basic health care and child protection. Thank you for your support.

  1. Worship service/small group guide.
    This guide contains helpful tools for your church to understand the hunger crises in parts of Africa, and the Syrian refugee crisis. It includes background notes, stories from the field, sermon or discussion topics, worship suggestions and prayer points.

  2. Video and photo resources.
    Use these videos and images to promote your event, or in your service.

  3. Participation resources.
    Submit your congregation’s donation using this form.



Leading Hope Cover

Leading Hope for the Greatest Needs in Our World

Get your free set of e-books – co-created by the Willow Creek Association and World Vision for GLS17. Learn how to understand and pray for the crisis, make a plan of action, and engage your church.

Download the E-Books

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