In your Faith Community

Use your communities’ voice and influence to support the most vulnerable children and mothers around the world. In Christian tradition, this follows a long line of prophets and advocates in the Bible, including Jesus himself, who stood up for the most vulnerable of his day – children, women, those living at the margins of society.

Our hope with this campaign is that government leaders will know that Canadians of faith across this great country want health for all mothers and children and want Canada to help the most vulnerable have access to health care.

Use your creativity to adapt Promise Child Survival for your group. Below are some ideas.  You can also support children directly through your financial gifts. If interested, please contact the Church Advisor in your area.

Promise Child Survival Postcards

  • Print off the postcards here to double as bulletin inserts and cards they can sign
  • Do an “Offering of Hope” and have people place their cards in the offering plate
  • Children and youth are natural champions for this child health campaign – give them a leadership role in getting the cards signed
  • Create a “Promise Child Survival Station” using the poster and information sheet in your kit; cover a slotted shoe box with printed postcards as a drop-off point.

Online action

  • Use your networks: have people take photos of their cards and post to social media #PromiseChildSurvival
  • Use your networks 2: make a Wall of Hope with your cards and post a picture on your church’s Web channels
  • Do it online – it may work best for your church to support the campaign online. Use the images here to direct people to the Promise Child Survival site where they can sign the petition.

Worship Ideas

  • There are a number of themes that could link to the campaign in sermons, prayers, group studies or children’s classes:
    • Health and healing stories
    • Scriptures that show God’s love for justice and our calling to support the poor and marginalized
  • Choose an appropriate date to feature Promise Child Survival: Mother’s Day; World Food Day, Oct 16 (just after Thanksgiving)’ Universal Children’s Day, November 20