Who can be a Global Partner?

Any congregation—big or small—that desires to share God’s love by lifting children and families out of poverty.

What is a Global Partner?

Your church will have the opportunity—through individual child sponsorship–to bring physical, social and spiritual well-being to children and families in a specific community of need. Partnership opportunities are available in many of the 45+ countries where World Vision works.This Global Partners “pairing” allows your church to go deeper. You will learn about the specific needs and opportunities for transformation in that community. You will also discover amazing opportunities to grow your relationships with these children and families.

How long does a Global Partnership last?

A Global Partner relationship can last 6 to 12 years depending on where the community is in their transformational development plans. World Vision usually works with a community over 15 years, after which these communities are usually self-supporting, with many of their dreams and hopes fulfilled for the future of their children.

How does child sponsorship lead to transformational development?

The best way to change a child’s life is to change the world they live in. That’s why when you sponsor a child, you are not only helping them, but you are changing an entire community so they become self-sustaining. This includes education, healthcare, clean water, sanitation, job opportunities, and more. Read more about how child sponsorship works.

What happens at my church when I become a Global Partner?

Child sponsorship is just the beginning. Global Partner Opportunities allow for so much learning, growth, and inspiration for your church. Here are some examples:

  • You’re in touch
    Your church will receive regular updates from your Global Partner community. The frequency and kind of communication depends on your level of sponsorship.  Your church may even explore the possibility of an in-person visit.
  • You’ll grow deeper
    As a Global Partner, your church will have special access to resources that will take you further in understanding God’s heart for mission and justice. This could include advocacy opportunities, access to worship artists, books and DVDs on mission and justice—all according to your church’s specific needs.

How do I get started?

Our regional Church Advisors are available to help you explore how being a Global Partner could complement your church’s mission focus. You may wish to explore the possibility of hosting one of our Global Partnership Sunday speakers: Oreon Trickey, Mark Buchanan or Rev. Colin McCartney.