Food is wonderful. It engages all our senses. It brings people together. It sustains us and comforts us. It’s the centre of many of our favourite moments. We want to take this seasonal passion and joy around food and use it as a driver to foster a Canadian movement.

Sunday October 16th, 2016 is World Food Day. This month, we’re asking Canadians to host a Meaningful Meal to help support food projects. Our goal? To see 250 Meaningful Meals shared across the country to help raise enough money to provide 530 tonnes of food to vulnerable children and families. Host your own Meaningful Meal to celebrate the food we love and create an opportunity to help others access the food they love.



It’s Simple! Just follow these 3 easy steps:


1)  Save the Date

Set a time and place on Sunday October 16th to share a “Meaningful Meal” with someone in your community.  Invite them to your home for lunch, go to a restaurant for dinner, or host a potluck at your church! The opportunities are endless.

2)  Savour the Food

Enjoy a scrumptious meal! Make the meal more meaningful by using the table graces and conversation starters provided in the Meaningful Meals Church Guide.  After your meal, together, donate the cost or part of the cost of the meal to World Vision to help create a HungerFree world. Donate Here!

3) Share Your Meal

Be sure to share your Meaningful Meal with us! Take a photo and share it on social media using the hashtag #HungerFree.


Download your Free Meaningful Meal Church Guide.

Meaningful Meal Church Guide

Guide includes:
  • 3 Table Graces from “Thanking God with Integrity” by Willard Metzger.
  • A small group devotion on Ecclesiastes 3
  • Conversation starters for your Meaningful Meal

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