Based on a remarkable true story, Journey to Jamaa is a 35-minute film experience that will introduce you to Derick and Margaret, two children from Uganda on a journey to find the one thing that matters most: family.

Take a Journey to Jamaa at your church

As an interactive child sponsorship experience, the film will impact your church family as they learn about the kind of faith that pleases God and are inspired to act on behalf of those who desperately need to experience Christ’s love in a tangible way.

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We have provided all of the resources you’ll need for a complete service presentation but the scale of your church experience is entirely up to you. Simply download the Event Overview to get started.

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Journey to Jamaa did more for the Faith Family than merely reiterate the already known facts of poverty and need in our world. This powerful event put a ‘face’ on it and moved our people to both grasp the scope of what is happening as well as respond in practical expressions of love.

– Rev. Dr. Richard Kopanke, Faith Evangelical Missionary Church, Kitchener, ON