Team World Vision is a unique opportunity to help develop your church community, create local outreach, and have a global impact, by walking/running together! Helping to provide clean water to children around the world, the majority of our runners are part of a church team, and over 80% are new to running! 


Get Started!
Learn more about Team World Vision on the main World Vision Canada website. Plus, download this special Church Team Guide, exclusively for church leaders!

Reasons to run

  • Get in shape Your church organizes a team to run or walk a race. But you don’t need to be a runner. More than 80% of our team members are completely new to running.
  • Help provide life changing support to children around the world Team members do two things: train for the race and raise funds to improve children’s lives in communities around the world. Team World Vision provides runners with training programs and resources, as well as a personal fundraising webpage to help. This empowers your church to have a significant global impact apart from your dedicated missions budget.
  • Build community and local outreach Training together, running/walking offers a low barrier to entry activity for people of all walks of life. Invite your family, friends, and neighbours to join you on a life changing journey

Woman cheering in Team World Vision jersey

2017 Events

  1. Global 6K for Clean Water – May 6, 2017
  2. Vancouver Marathon – May 7, 2017
  3. Ottawa Marathon – May 28, 2017
  4. Montreal Marathon – September 23-24, 2017
  5. Toronto Marathon – October 16, 2017
  6. DIY Team World Vision Events (Other Marathons, Tough Mudder, Cycling etc.)

How do we start?


“Life changing! It was an incredible experience that came out of a great cause. It reshaped my life and our church community.” –Paul Jansen Van Rensberg, Pastor of Evangelism, Willow Creek Community Church

“I have not found anything that helps me understand in greater detail the heart of God and the power of community like running with Team World Vision.” –Jon Peacock, AXIS Director, Willow Creek Community Church

“Pastors who have run with Team World Vision tell us they were shocked at the response when they presented this opportunity to their churches. They also tell us this is the best way to build community, to better understand God’s heart for the poor, and to build relationships with friends far from God.”  –Michael Chitwood, Team World Vision National Director




Hear church leaders talk about their experiences with Team World Vision: