The cover of the Lent guide: A man in Haiti holds a crop of eggplants in his hands.

What’s the first thing you do the moment you wake up? I roll over and hit the snooze button, but what about after that? When I have accepted that it’s time to wake up and my brain is actually beginning to turn, the notifications on my phone are the first thing that get my attention. Twitter, Instagram, email, Facebook, missed calls and texts, etc. Before some of our days even fully begin, we are already bombarded with people needing something from us or trying to connect with us. Before we’re even out of bed the loudness of life kicks in. Life can be loud right?

That’s why the season of Lent, the traditionally journey to Easter,  is so meaningful in today’s world.

This Lent, we invite your family to join us in doing something different and meaningful. Planting Faith: A Family Guide to Lent is a short, seven week resource for you and your kids to experience Easter through the eyes of David and his family in Haiti. The characters reflect the real hardships of so many families all around the world and are inspired by real people living in Haiti today. It’s a weekly opportunity for you and your family to silence the pings swishes, and chirps to focus on Jesus together.


Download the Resource

What is it?

This 7 week guide invites you to walk side by side with a farming family in Haiti. You and your family will follow David and his family as they begin planning for the harvest season, face the devastating aftermath of an unexpected hurricane and learn what it means to trust God and bless their neighbours. David and his family are fictional characters but reflect the real hardships of so many families all around the world and are inspired by real people living in Haiti today.

There is Scripture available for you to read as a family and also questions for you to discuss. After each week there’s a recommended activity for you and your family to do together that parallels with the story and Scripture reading from that week.

Join In!

Download Planting Faith: A Family Guide to Lent. Over the next 7 weeks go through Scripture readings with your family, journey alongside David and his family and complete meaningful activities together.

Here’s how to use it:
  • Set aside one time each week where you and your family can journey through this resource together. We suggest giving yourselves at least 30 minutes before or after a meal.
  • Each week begins with the provided Scripture. Take time to read the passage aloud and then discuss the questions as a family.
  • Follow the story of David and his family. Each week you will meet another family member.
  • Encourage your kids to close their eyes and pretend they are that week’s character. Then discuss the reflection questions as a family.
  • Each week ends with a prayer and an activity. Feel free to adjust the activities to meet the needs of your family.

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