Speaking out on behalf of vulnerable children is the responsibility of all those who follow Jesus. It’s a role not only for prominent national leaders but for the entire body of Christ. Take a moment to consider how the following resources may help you and your church make a difference in the life of a child.

Learn more
Learn more about the scourge of child labour and find tools to take action through our No Child For Sale campaign.

Engage Your People
Download our free Stand Up Speak Out booklet [PDF] to help educate your congregation in becoming effective advocates for justice.

Discover the Biblical roots of justice
Don Posterski’s latest book, Jesus on Justiceprovides an overview of Jesus’ teachings on justice for the marginalized. Excellent for personal or group study.

Equip Your Church
Want to go deeper on learning how to speak out? Inquire about our one-day social justice workshop appropriate for your entire church. Email churchengagement@worldvision.ca for more information.

Global Partner Opportunities
Learn how your church can sponsor children in a developing country and jour-ney together for transformed lives—both yours and theirs. Learn more about this amazing opportunity for relationship or contact your local World Vision Church Advisor for more information.