Water is something we rely on every day – almost every hour of every day. But for 663 million people who don’t have access to clean drinking water, water becomes the key to life. Access to clean water can help children and families become smarter, stronger, safer, more successful, more productive and help them live longer. You can provide a brighter future for a child and community simply by providing them the water they need.


The Living Water Bible Study is a six week devotional for individual or group reflection on the importance of water.


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Did you know?

  • Over the last 5 years, World Vision has reached more than 7 million people with water, sanitation and hygiene, and has provided safe drinking water to more than 5.5 million people, making it the largest NGO provider of clean water.
  • Since 2010, World Vision has provided 3.5 Million children with access to clean water, safe and accessible toilets, water treatment kits, hand washing facilities and hygiene education, so they can keep healthy and remain in school.
  • Alongside our community partners, World Vision provides clean water to a new person every 30 seconds.



Water Makes you…

Smarter: being dehydrated decreases a child’s ability to pay attention and learn in school.

Stronger: when fields can be irrigated crop yields and livestock production is increased.

More Secure: in many countries women walk long distances to collect water, putting their personal safety at risk.

More Successful: self-employed women can spend more time building their businesses than spending time collecting water.

More Productive: 80% of wells built by World Vision remain in use after two decades, helping a community be high-functioning.

Helps you Live Longer: clean water helps medical practices in a community improve, strengthening basic services such as child delivery and infection prevention. Eg. Diarrhea


Visit www.worldvision.ca for more information and to help.